Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Much more than you bargained for.

A few little known things about me:

I have a desire to join the Air Force.

Most of the men in my family have served in some branch of the military and I have always felt proud of them for doing it. And I always pictured myself joining. When I was in junior high, a friend and I had the plan to join the military and let it fund our way through college. I wanted to be a lawyer back then. Well, pregnant at 16 and married at 19 changed the plans a bit. She ended up joining the Army and hated it. (FYI, Army and AF...two very different branches of the military. 'Nuff said.) Anyway, I still think about joining regularly and the appeal has not diminished much over the years.

I can eat intimidating amounts of chocolate and baked goods.

It's amazing that I am not 200 lbs. However, I do notice that the older I get, the less forgiving my body is of it.

I drink an insane amount of water each day.

Which is supposed to be excellent for you and your complexion. Well, not so sure it's helped with that much. But I do know that I am so used to drinking it that five minutes without a tall glass of water in sight leaves me completely parched.

I am going to force myself to write a book one day.

It'll happen. I can feel the book, somewhere inside of me just waiting to come together. I may need to submit myself to insane as it is.

I like DIY shows and have a desire to obtain all the DIY and tool knowledge and skills I can.

There's something about the idea of being able to tear down a wall with the ferocity of an animal (and a hammer) and redo it into something beautiful and functional. Not to mention that all the tools are really cool too.

So, I now challenge you to leave a comment containing a little known nugget about yourself. Let's see who can come up with something really unique/funny/embarassing.

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Heidi said...

I am so with you on the chocolate and baked goods. I don't know if I could live life without them. That and coffee. I am far from a functioning human being until I have my coffee.

I find it fascinating that you want to join the air force. Do you think you ever will?

By the way, I loved your previous post.