Wednesday, October 08, 2008

My girls.

Oh, those girls I love. I wish we could rewind life sometimes and relive the best moments.
Our hostel rocked.

Bree falling off the log right when I was taking the pic at Warwick Castle.
Bree!!! It's our lesbian wedding picture! (sorry, inside joke)
I still can't believe you talked me into driving in Ireland.
The best friends a girl could have.
Ponchos with Shakesperean quotes...can't get much nerdier than us.
That bloody pizza.
Is Liz sticking it up her nose? And what was Whit doing?


Anonymous said...

Oh! I feel all dedicated-to! You are the biggest sweetheart... I miss you ladies!!!

Ryan and Breelyn Ehin said...

Oh how I wish we could rewind back to certain moments too and just hit replay over and over! I would choose so many moments with you girls! I'll never forget Ireland Birdy. Those were some of my most favorite moments ever!
However as a side note I do look awfully chubby in all those pictures! WOW! :)

Mody said...

EEEEEEEEEEEEE I still get the "London High" when I look at those. ahahahah so many funny memories. The day bree fell of the log was the same day whit took her desktop background picture, the one of us all sitting on the couch is the one bree thought her fingers looked like sausage, ponchos day was "there's no tea at the globe" day and of course, after your third kid you are as gorgeous as when we were across the pond!