Monday, May 19, 2008

Things that never fail to confound me

How orange construction cones can render any driver, and pedestrian for that matter, a complete idiot.

How anyone on that Bachelor/Bachelorette reality show can actually believe that they will find their one true love.

How a Wal-mart will have 22 checkout registers, and there are always no more than 7 open, even on the busiest day.

The uneven hotdog to bun ratio.

Why health insurance will help cover costs if you get sick, but car insurance won't help with maintenance or replacement part costs, unless you nearly total it.

Why, when illegal immigrants can't pay their medical costs, the hospitals don't bill their country of origin, instead of billing our own government.

And you know what would be helpful??? If restaurants would put the minimum suggested gratuity amount on your bill, so you don't have to try to figure it out yourself.

Thank you.

*Steps down from the soapbox*


Nicole said...

haha. I like these!

I really like your idea about billing the country the illegals came from. If they can't keep their people in their country legally, why should I have to pay my taxes to take care of them when they're sick? hmmm.. you should write to congress!

And.. the gratuity thing, I completely 1000% agree with. I liked it in London, where the tax was just included. SO much easier! Especially since I am not a fan of math.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

all good points! and i am in west palm, not ft. lauderdale. tell then to go on a carnival cruise out of port everglades!

smiles, bee