Friday, May 16, 2008

Just checking in

I have been busy and, also, not so busy lately. The work on the nursery came to a standstill for a couple of days. I had painted all the walls except for the upper portion and the ceiling. I was going to have H do these since I would need to climb a ladder to do it, and I wasn't keen on that idea. So, after waiting for H to not be too busy to get around to it for two days, I was getting frustrated. If the painting wasn't finished, I couldn't move in the baby stuff. If I couldn't do that, I couldn't move on to working on the kids' rooms. So, it was like I was project-constipated. Thankfully, I found the extender rod for the paint roller and did the rest myself, with H filling in the joints. It felt so good to be working on it again. After I reattach the repainted outlet covers, I will be ready to move stuff in. And, of course, I will take pictures and post them of the nursery's progress.

I was a bit overwhelmed yesterday when I realized how much I want to get done before the baby comes and how little time I have left. And this is compounded by the fact that I have a nagging feeling that I won't make it all the way to my due date. I don't have any reason for this feeling, but it's still there. On top of the time constraints, H wants us to accompany him down to AZ for a week while he attends a real estate course. I'm a little on the fence about this. It's a whole week, in Arizona heat, with a needy dog, one vehicle, and not much to do. Not to mention that I'm getting more preggo each day. The solace would be if we could spend our time visiting with Bree and Ryan. However, they are not sure if they will still be there or will already be relocating to another state for his summer work. I also wanted to visit Boise before my due date, to visit H's family, eat some Flying Pie pizza, and float the river. Oh, floating the cold river on a hot summer day...heaven.

The kids had their first performance on Wednesday and they did great. Tiny remembered her lines and Mister really got into character. It was a lot longer than I expected, and we were sitting on gym bleachers that were not that great on the back, but the performance was very enjoyable. They will be doing it again on Saturday, and in a cushion-seated auditorium. A woman will be filming the performance and will be taking orders for the dvd. We will definitely be ordering it and sharing it over and over with family.

Family updates: My uncle is still not eating, but is doing well. He will have his MRI sometime next week. My niece is having a...GIRL! No huge surprise there. My family has a lot of girls, and most of them were first-borns. But they are healthy and doing well. Also, my sister hasn't smoked in about a week. She is attending a community class to help her quit. I'm really proud of her.

Well, that's all for now. I've got laundry piled up, dishes piled up, and a room to finish. Have a great weekend.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear an update! Can't wait to see that nursery. :) Love you girlfriend!