Thursday, May 01, 2008

The only reason that state functions is because of people like Stevie

I had the most frustrating morning. Backstory: Last week, I got a notice in the mail that my driving privileges had been suspended in the state of NM. I was thinking that this had to do with a speeding ticket I got a few years ago, but was never able to pay because the court couldn't find it in their system. Anyway, I called yesterday about it and all I was told was that it was for a failure to appear in court. Ok. So, I wrote down the citation number and called the magistrate office that issued the citation. They couldn't find me in their system, anywhere, not using my name, birthdate, or SS#. So, this began a long series of calls between the NM DMV and this magistrate court to finally get the right citation #, but still find out that that citation is under the name of a whole different person.

So, today, I called again, over and over, to both agencies. And I spoke to a woman at the DMV that was easily the rudest woman I have ever had the displeasure of encountering. She was cutting me off, raising her voice, and talking to me like a child. So, I did the same thing after a while. It wasn't the best feeling for me, but I wasn't about to let her treat me like that. Thankfully, I never had to talk with her again after that. After starting to realize that the error was on their end, I informed the magistrate that they would need to fax a letter to the DMV informing them that I am not in their system and that they have the wrong person on file for that citation. They would need to fax this in order to clear it from my record. Whoever I spoke to told me that they can't do that and that the DMV would have to call them. So, I'm getting pretty frustrated by then. I call the DMV, only to be told that they cannot make that call and that if the magistrate will not fax anything to them, I would need to talk to one of the magistrate judges. By this time, I have had to repeat this whole scenario, my info, and the situation about 15 times and I was in tears.

So, before I called the magistrate office again, I had to calm down and pull myself together. I got ahold of a woman that I had spoken to at least once before and after calmly retelling her everything, she promised me that she could and would send that fax to the DMV and mail me a copy and that the DMV should remove it from my record after they receive the fax. I was sooooo thankful for her and said that a few times. So, Stevie (as in Stevie Nicks) at the magistrate court, you have my unending gratitude. You really made my whole day.

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