Monday, May 05, 2008

Finally, an intermission.

Another busy weekend has passed. This weekend saw Liz graduated with a double major and a minor...GO LIZ!!! It also sent off our buddy, Whit, a married woman. She and her new hubby are now likely basking in the Mexican sun. Though it is probably through their hotel window and nowhere outdoors. We know what honeymoons are really for, and it ain't sight-seeing. Good luck, Whit. A friend of Tiny's was also baptized this weekend. The kids were able to attend, but it was at the same time that H and I were at the wedding. We also had a bbq with H's brother and his family after their two boys spent the night with us. So many happy things going on. And now I can finally take a breath.

I plan to relax more this week. I am going to straighten up the house from the two weekends of shenanigans and to finish painting the nursery. I received even more gifts during the week from some of those that couldn't make it to my shower. I got another gift card, a baby bath, window visor, and a few other things on my registry. I am so excited to get the room all set up and looking cute. I have most of the layout all planned, just need to acquire a few more items.

The kids have been in a theater class for about 6 months now and their first performance is coming up in a couple weeks. They've been working hard and having a lot of fun. I hope it all goes well, especially with how much the director has put of herself into it. She's pretty amazing. I'm thinking that we'll be bringing her some flowers after the performance. I think Mister will be sticking with the class after this. He's a natural performer and seems to really enjoy it. Tiny, however, seems to be tiring of it. She sticks with it still because of Mister. He's sort of her security blanket, as the theater teacher put it. I think we may put her into some art classes instead. She really enjoys that.

Well, the kids only have about 4 weeks of school left. They are doing testing right now and I have only one more volunteer lesson this week. We're hoping they will be taking some lessons this summer to keep them involved and active. Mister has been playing cello this year and has decided to switch to the bass next year. I found this really amusing since the cello he has is 3/4 size and it's as tall as him. A bass will just engulf him. I told him we'll need to bulk him up this summer to be able to carry it, or even wheel it around. But I'm really glad that he is still willing to stick with an instrument. More than a few months with an instrument will usually drive most kids away. But I think he has a talent. I heard him playing on the keyboard the other day, and he was actually picking out the notes to "Amazing Grace", a song they've been learning on the cello. I was really impressed.

So, Whit's married, Liz is graduated and busy with work and her boy, E, Melissa is in Germany, and Bree will be heading to AZ in a few days to stay for three months. I don't know what I'll do with myself now that everyone will be even more busy or far away over the summer. I'm sure I'll figure out something, like reorganizing the whole house before the baby comes along. Gotta take advantage of that nesting instinct.

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