Monday, May 12, 2008

Long Update

I haven't posted in a bit because I have been otherwise engaged and busy with life. Which is a good thing. Mother's Day was very simple and relaxing. I received homemade cards from the kids (my fav kind) and a card from H. I also got to enjoy a lazy Sunday, complete with an afternoon nap.

The kids will have their theater performances this week and I'm really looking forward to that. They will perform Wednesday morning for a community group, and Saturday for family and friends.

I also received a new church assignment. I already teach the women's class one Sunday a month and I also put together the flyers that are handed out during the main meeting. So, now I will also be coordinating the activities for the ward. For example, we have a monthly potluck and I will be the one making sure there will be plenty of people bringing food, assigning tasks to members for setting up and clean up and such, and also booking the building and making sure there are enough supplies. I worry that it may be too much to take care of, especially when the baby comes. But, I guess the goal is to have it setup enough that I won't need to do much of the "doing", but more of the "assigning" and "delegating".

The Lord sure provides some interesting tasks to build up our talents and skills. This may be a testing ground to see how much I can handle planning and organizing since I have recently considered opening up my own party planning business.

In other news, my uncle finished his last chemo and radiation treatments this last week. In two weeks, he will go for a full-body MRI to check on his cancer. But, according to his blood tests, he is showing signs of being in remission. So, continued prayers would be appreciated. He is a strong man that has beaten death once or twice already. I'm hoping that he will feel up to eating again soon and won't need the feeding tube anymore. Although, it is what has kept his weight steady the last few weeks.

Also, my brother and his family have finally received their orders back to Alaska. He is in the AF and moved back to the lower states only a couple years ago after being in Alaska for 3 years. The job field he is in though is becoming obsolete at his current base and they were allowed to have some say in where they went next. Having loved AK, they requested to return and it was granted. Unfortunately, they only have about 3 1/2 months before they will need to report there. So, that makes for quick packing and goodbyes once again. But they are a strong family that always does things well when they're together and apart. They have also let us know that it's a possibility that they may visit us when the baby is born. He has leave (vacation) time that he needs to use up. They would be here when my parents are, and I say the more the merrier. I did warn my sis-in-law, however, that I was going to be pretty tired and might not be all that hospitable when they visit. I'm sure they're okay with that.

The nursery is coming along slowly. I just need to apply the paint on the trim and H will need to paint the upper walls and the ceiling. I would do it, but that would require me standing on an elevated surface. Something that is not wise nor desireable in my state. I'm hoping to get the painting finished in the next couple days and start setting up the furniture. That will free up the halls and some of the bedrooms from all the baby stuff. I can't wait to get it all organized and ready. Can't beat that nesting instinct.

Not much else going on, as if all that weren't enough. My first planned potluck is Saturday, so wish me luck.


Ryan and Breelyn Ehin said...

I MISS YOU BACK!! I Loved being able to catch up on the happenings in your life! HAPPY MOM'S DAY!!!

Ryan and Breelyn Ehin said...

Oh and YES COME SEE ME!!!!!!!