Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happier thoughts

I started painting the nursery yesterday, with the help of Tiny. I will, of course post before and after pics. I'm thinking that the painting will be done by this time next week. I know, it's a small room, but I have to pace myself lately and I want to do a really good job on it. Tiny is really excited about getting the nursery set up. If you go to the Home Depot website for their Fresh Aire paint, you will be able to see the colors I picked for the nursery. I chose Nightfall blue (Earth section) for the walls and Beach Pearl (Waterscape section) for the trim. They look really good together. The paint is also a new product that contains no VOCs. So, it's even safe to paint in an unventilated room.

I also have a full weekend coming up again and it starts today. I am doing a Jr. Achievement lesson in Mister's class today, Liz is graduating tomorrow and we are attending her bbq which should be awesome, and Saturday is Whit's wedding. Such a full and exciting weekend ahead.

Baby update: I had a glucose test done on Monday and they called yesterday to let me know that all was well with my glucose levels but that I have low iron levels and am slightly anemic. No surprise there. My mom is anemic and I also had to take iron when I was pregnant with Mister. So, I picked up some iron pills at the store today. I'm hoping it will help with my energy levels too.


Something McSomethingkins said...

I'm anemic too. Hey, look what I can do: ä ö ß ü ³ €

Mama P said...

Happy for you that the pregnancy is going so well. The Londolls photos were great, too.