Friday, January 19, 2007

A Real Post...with words.

I haven't posted a real post (with a lot of words) in a while. I've been a bit busy and also in a bit of a funk. Thankfully, I think I'm past it. I just didn't feel like doing much of anything and subsequently felt crappy for not doing anything. Anyways, I'm feeling a little better about my Spanish class. I had a conversation with some of my fellow classmates about how our prof and the work compares to the profs and work of the other Spanish classes at our university. Apparently, there is more reading in this class than others, but the prof is pretty forgiving if we can't for the life of us think of how to say something in Spanish. Thankfully, she'll let us just say it in English. And what is more encouraging is that when she speaks more slowly, I can understand what she is saying and wants us to do. So far, we are assigned a few sections of reading or questions, we go over the sections in class as groups, and we mainly just read it again and answer the questions. So, I come prepared by reading the sections, looking up the words I don't know, penning them into the book to remember later, and coming to class having looked up half the words and a really good idea about what it's all about.

My theory class is still quite interesting, which is something that I never expected to say. The prof is still doing a great job and I'm really loving sharing a class with Liz. I'm hoping the LonDolls can get together in about a week. We're also thinking about spending some of our Spring Break in Denver with Hobby. Nobby will be getting married soon and I think we will have to throw a hen party for her while in Denver. What is a hen party, you ask? This is the European version of a bachelorette party. The group dresses up with a theme and the bride-to-be has a distinguishing banner/label. You then go out and party. We ran into tons of these in Dublin, including a Pink Ladies theme, and we thought it was the best idea and decided to do that when one of the four other girls got married. I wonder what theme we should go with? The male equivalent to this is called a stag party. We came across one of these where the guys were all dressed as leprechauns. We even got to pinch the groom's bum. Here's a visual aid:

Yes, it was a great night in Dublin. We're thinking that there'll be another LonDoll engagement next year when Nobby returns from Colorado.

In other news, my new sis-in-law posted some new pics on her myspace of my brother and their gorgeous little girl. This one is my fav:

They are doing really well and my brother is advancing in his job and enjoying a new schedule that allows him to spend more time with his baby girl. I miss this little princess a lot already. The conversation has been coming up lately about adding another little one to our happy group. I'm not against it. On the contrary, I'm quite for it, just not sure about the timing. I told him I would be more for it when we have health insurance and I have graduated. Right now, it's a choice between grad school or another kiddo, because one will delay the other. Both are not an option for me at the same time. So, it'll happen how it'll happen, right?

Well, I have a house to clean and myself to get out of pajamas. Have a great day!

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