Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Como Se Dice...?

It's only 1:30 and I'm already tired. I just finished my Spanish homework which I started reading last night, picked up again at about 10:30 and just now finished the assigned questions. My brain hurts. In the words of Trippy, I think this class is going to eat my lunch. I went to the first one on Monday night and the teacher started talking in Spanish. I caught what he was asking us to do, but I was seriously overwhelmed by just how little I know. And then at the end of class, he lets us know that he is not our real teacher. The classes got switched around and we were assigned someone else. Most of the class has had this guy previously and was pretty disappointed that he wasn't going to be teaching. I'm understandably worried because I have no idea what to expect from this other prof. I usually either know the profs I sign up with or at least check them out. I do not have the pleasure of either this time. The good news is though that if I know I'm in trouble after I meet her, there is another class at the same time that I could check out. Wish me luck.

I am taking Theory with a prof I've had twice previously. I picked him for this tough course because I know that he has a talent for dummying down difficult material. The first day seemed to go well, not to mention that I had Liz by my side. I know he expects our best, but I'm just happy that I might finally understand what this class is about this time around. Get this, our first reading is three books of Plato. Hee hee, let the fun begin. My last class is Teaching Language Arts. Translation: learning to teach literature to antsy adolescents who couldn't care less. The teacher came highly recommended and the first day was definitely interesting and attention-getting. As a name-remembering activity, we all stood in a circle and took turns introducing ourselves. While doing this, we were handed a baby blanket and we had to figure out something to do with it while the others guessed what it bib, cape, tourniquet, etc. This was supposed to help us associate the person with their name and the idea that they came up with. It helped more than I thought it would to remember some names. I am the worst with remembering names. We will be continuing our service learning also, which is volunteering in a classroom or like setting for 20 hours in the semester. I was excited when I saw the list included the junior high that my sis-in-law works at. I may have to consider it deeply...I don't prefer junior high, but I love working with her. I had planned on returning to Horizonte but was somewhat put off by my last experience with a different teacher. I felt like I wasn't going to be used much and that I would ultimately be in the way. I want to be useful and get in there and get some real experience.

Well, it's almost 2 pm now and I still need to do something with the mop on my head and get ready to pick up the kiddos. Have a relaxed day!


Mama P said...

Buena suerte mi amiga. Yo estudie Espanol para diez anos en mi colegio y mi escuela secondaria. Yo necisita practicar mas, pero comprendo los basicos. Si usted (o tu... menos formal) quiere hablar conmigo via computadora en Espanol, es okay! Adios! Mamita P!

Mama P said...

Dios mio... No es "Yo necesita practicar"... es "Yo necesito practicar". Pardon....