Monday, January 22, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

I have accepted the tagging by A Dress A Day and will now reveal 5 things about myself that I wouldn't usually post.

1. My ancestry consists of German, Dutch, Spanish, and Native American (Cherokee, Apache). My father is the first two and the mother is the last two. If my mom ever got mad at my dad she would chew him out in Spanish and he would respond in German, with a smile on his face. Unfortunately, neither language was spoken enough for us kids to learn it.

2. My maternal great grandmother was forced into marriage at the age of 14. Her family gave permission for her marriage to her school teacher. Creepy, you say? Though she was never "in love" with him, he proved to be a good man that took care of her and gained her respect. Also, he was also barely in his 20's when they married...not SO bad.

3. My first career choice had been to become a lawyer. My friend Lee and I had it all planned out that we would go into the military after high school and they would pay for our college. Then I would go to law school and become a great lawyer. After law school, I would get married and I would have our children in my 30's. Well, I seem to be working that plan backwards. I had my son when I was really young, got married at 19, had another child, and am finishing my degree in English. If I'm lucky, I'll be a teacher before I turn 30. I didn't follow the plan, but I like how it worked out on its own.

4. I LOVE the "Rocky" movies and wouldn't mind one bit if they did ten more. I'd still watch them. It is the ULTIMATE underdog story and just doesn't get old to me.

5. I wish I could take a sledgehammer to our downstairs bathroom and start it all over. I really want to learn how to do all the DIY stuff but am apprehensive about screwing something up beyond repair. Knowing me, I would probably hook the septic line to the shower head and then be banned from all future renovations.

So, there they are. I am now tagging you to do the same. You can do it on your own blog or you can leave it as a comment on mine if you don't have your own blog. Have a blast!

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Whitney said...

I enjoyed reading that. :D