Tuesday, August 01, 2006

HEEELLLOOO 21st Century!!!

I have finally entered the new millenium...and considering how late I usually am for everything, I'm not all that late for this. I NOW HAVE A LAPTOP! AND WIRELESS! I'm on top of the world right now. I feel like Carrie Bradshaw, spewing forth my thoughts as they come and enjoying every minute. Right now, I am reclining on my bed and updating you on this joyful event. My wonderful husband worked out the wireless kinks for me. He has really impressed me lately. He stayed up with me the other night to put together my webpage for class and I love him dearly for it. It feels so cool to be tapping away and hearing the soft clicks of the keys in my lap. I really appreciate not having to sit in a too low chair in front of a comp desk and straining to be comfortable while typing.


We lost the key to our car this weekend. Normally, this wouldn't be too bad except that this particular vehicle requires a laser cut key and had to be ordered through the dealership for a pretty penny. I found it quite ironic, however, that the car is equipped with this laser cut key and an alarm system to deter theft because my husband had to and was able to break into it. He had some equipment that needed to be removed from the car and he literally jimmied the car like any 1980, pre-alarm and pre-laser cut key toyota econobox. Interesting, huh!?

My son has started a film acting class taught by a lady from church. She's done movie and tv appearances before and now teaches a variety of ages to act on film. His first day was on Saturday and he was kind of thrown into the mix considering classes actually started a couple of weeks ago. They said that he did really well and he told me that he really enjoyed it. I hope this is something that he finds happiness doing and that we can continue to support him in it. We're also thinking of putting our daughter in a class of her own...she's expressed an interest in playing the guitar and also in dirt bike racing. My kids are so wonderfully diverse.

Other than these things, not much to report. I'm supposed to be working on a paper and felt like I was failing when I realized that I had been staring at the wall for ten minutes. My brain is not in top form today. I think that it knows that school is almost over and it wants to quit on my already. I have my first final tomorrow and I feel quite unprepared. I would have to say that this semester was the hardest in my college career. I also have a feeling that it won't be any easier from here on out or in grad school. But I really want the prize at the end of the tunnel.

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Whitney/Hobby/Muse said...

Yay, first comment! I liked what you said about the clicking while you hold your computer in your lap -- I never really thought about how soothing it is, but you're right, it really is!

Good luck with the key and your hubby is such a cutie. Make him a big cookie! LOL.