Wednesday, August 23, 2006

College...where many are killed for a parking spot

I have a new found hate for some aspects of college life. Today is the first day of classes and I was running late to begin with. I think that dream was a premonition cause I ended up wearing a comfy green shirt, my converses, and cute butt jeans that shouldn't usually be teamed with either the shirt or shoes. But I was late and didn't dwell on it much. I then missed the whole of my first class...doing what, you ask? FINDING A PARKING SPOT! There are about 7 permit lots (with too many spots for faculty, I might add) and about 4 pay lots. Even most of the illegal spots were taken. It was ridiculous. And there were the ever present campus cops just itching to write tickets in every lot. I have decided that I will NOT pay $120 for a parking permit that I will probably have few chances to actually utilize in a spot on campus or any where near classes. I had to take the last spot in the parking lot equivalent of the nosebleed section...nowhere near any of my classes on a hill that will be fun to hike up after school. I literally felt like ripping someone's head off and almost did. Some idiot (whom, with my luck, will be in one of my classes) drove around me and them cut me off to try to get a spot that he didn't end up getting (nyah nyah nah nah nah nah). I know, mature. I pulled up next to him and let him have it (minus the expletives I was thinking, bonus points for me). It didn't matter much since he was yelling at the same time. Such an idgit!

So, I had to meet my prof after class and play catch up. I did, however, see two of the most beautiful friends in the world. Love ya Mody and Nobby! That cheered me up. It is a half hour til my next class and I will be done for the day. I just might take a religion class just to get a parking spot there. I have plenty of time to kill between classes...wouldn't hurt me to do some spiritual learning too. Gotta love college...even if you don't.


Something McSomethingkins said...

Yeah, it's never seemed worth it to me. My first two years I took tracks up to school. Now I park at the Institute, although now my house is close enough to walk from. Nobby is too lazy to do so, but I actually like walking, so I'm excited for it once my off week comes.

amisare waswerebeen said...

My whole lower body is sore from all the walking I'm doing around campus. If I don't get into better shape doing this, it'll suck cause I don't have time for much else. School is so far, so good though.

Mama P said...

Oh my god, I totally forgot about parking. I used to schedule classes next to each other for that very reason. I even did as much as took the bus to avoid the whole issue.