Saturday, November 21, 2009


We got soooo much done today. My mom and I cleaned, painted, and rearranged two bedrooms. The kids will now have their own room and we all have a little more room. For those who didn't know, we've been living with my folks since July. At the same time, my older brother and his girlfriend have also been living here. So, that's a total of 9 people in the house. Yeah, a bit tight at times, but do-able. Anyway, my brother and his girlfriend were finally able to get a place of their own this week. So, that is why we were redoing the rooms.

My mom picked out a brown color with a slight rosy-ish tint for the rooms. It, quite honestly, looks like makeup in the can. But, on the wall, it's a pretty warm color that looks good, especially with the southwestern decor they already have going on. It's pretty amazing how much difference it makes. I'll see about taking some pics and sharing them with you. I'm just really glad that the kids have a room to themselves now, a place to store their toys. They won't have to sleep in the den, although they do like the couches a lot.

My poor mom will likely decide to stay in bed all day tomorrow from all the work she did today. She always overdoes it. And Little Man and his cousin both passed out when it was bedtime, didn't even put up a fight. They had a busy day.

The kids and I will all be home for the next week. They don't have school and, since I work for the school district, I don't have work. I've been working consistently for about six weeks now and am still enjoying it. I am in the human resources office for the district and I really like the ladies I work with and I like the work. I do a lot of filing, application intakes, database updates, copying, and helping everyone catch up on and organize their workloads. It's satisfying work. But this week, I get to relax a bit with my family. We have some cousins coming in from Nebraska and some from Arizona. We will likely be getting together a lot over the next week, and eating a lot of really great food.

In addition to all this, Mister will be turning 13 next Sunday. The big 1-3. We're going to have a birthday party for him on Friday, followed by a movie night/sleepover. I hope it goes well. He's such a good kid and he deserves it. I don't know if I mentioned this, but when the school year started, he was bringing home a lot of grades below the C-level, including a F. Well, after a few talks and some teamwork, he has really kicked it into gear. Last week, he brought home a progress report with all A's and B's. I was so proud of him, I almost burst. I have such good kids.

Well, I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and can enjoy your families and friends. Happy Thanksgiving.

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Cookie said...

Wow! home for a whole week?! Good luck! And there must be some kind of award for surviving in a house with 9 people ;)