Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tag...You're IT!

So, first, I need to make a correction. This is the website link I meant to post for the most up-to-date Redbox codes. I rented a free one yesterday and another today. But, pay close attention when you're checking out because, if what I thought I saw was correct, it seems that it tells you a time that you need to return it by to not be charged. So, pay close attention before you scan your card in.

Second, the lovely newlywed, Nobby, has tagged all her friends with a meme about our significant others. So, here goes...

1.How long have you been together? In April, it will be 9 years since we met. In August, it will be 9 years we've been married. And we worked hard for every single year.

2.How long did you date? We only dated for 4 months before we got married. Not something I would recommend for everyone.

3.How old is he? He's 31.

4.Who eats more? Definitely him. Even with my growing appetite and eating for two, he's a bigger eater than I will ever be. But you don't get to be a big, strong (handsome) guy eating only salads.

5.Who said I Love You First? Not sure. It was probably him though. I would have been afraid of scaring him off if I had said it first.

6.Who is taller? He is. He's 5'9'' and I'm 5'7''.

7.Who sings better? Neither of us sing great, but it would probably be him.

8.Who is smarter? It's kind of ying and yang. He's smarter, and I mean "knowledgeable", in certain areas and the same for me in others.

9.Who does the laundry? I'm the one that does most of it, but he'll definitely do a load or two when supplies are running short.

10. Who does the dishes? Whoever yields first. I've been getting better at doing them though. Tonight, he offered to do them for me since I had made dinner. He's such a thoughtful person at times.

11. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? If you're facing the bed, he does. It just works out like that most nights. My mom always sleeps on the side farthest from the door. Her reasoning? So, if anyone were to break in, she would be the farthest from them when they come in the room. I poor dad.

12.Who pays the bills? He does, since he's the one on the computer most of the day anyway.

13.Who mows the lawn? He does. I'll weed and water, but he ends up mowing and trimming. He also end up sneezing his head off when he does. Poor thing.

14.Who cooks dinner? It's been pretty split lately. I don't like to cook, but I love good food. I'm a recipe-follower. Things can go seriously awry if I try to improvise or be inventive in the kitchen. So, if I'm beyond tired or frazzled, he'll throw something together that is usually pretty decent.

15.Who is more stubborn? That would be me. Runs in the family, raised that way, trying to overcome it. I am sooo much better than when we first got married.

16.Who kissed who first? I kissed him after our first date. I know, I'm such a hussy. But, he said that it was the softest, most perfect kiss he'd ever had. That'll make a girl feel good.

17.Who asked who out? He asked me out after he got my phone number from the church missionaries. We went to a dance in a nearby village and ended up taking Mister with us on the date. We also had ice cream and had a lot of fun.

18.Who proposed? We sort of both did. I kinda casually asked him while we were up late studying my Spanish and he said yes. Then, later, he asked me after we were leaving a party and walking outside under the starry sky.

19.Who is more sensitive? Depends on the situation. Some things bother me more easily and he doesn't even know I'm bothered. But he's more sensitive when it comes to talking about problems. Sometimes I'm like the boorish husband who'd rather sleep it off than stay up and talk.

20. Who has more friends? I'd say it's about even.

21.Who has more siblings? Definitely him. He's the youngest of 10. I only have 4 siblings.

I now tag all of you! Have fun.

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