Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I haven't coughed up a lung yet.

'Ello, luvs. Except for a lingering cough, I am back to being fully functional. I only get sick about once a year, but it's usually a doozy. And I have to say that this one really hung on. The kids are still doing great, back to their hyperactive, playful ways. And H never suffered a single symptom.

Being holed up in the house for some time now, we decided to go out for family night last night. A friend from church is the chef at a pizza place on the west side Lofte's, and H had brought home some of his pizza the other night. Well, it was the best pizza I've ever had and I've been craving it since. So, we paid him a visit and enjoyed some italiano pizza, lasagna, garlic bread and a pitcher of root beer. It was so delectable. (What a funny word.) I ate more than my share and my tummy was pleased for the rest of the night. After dinner, we went to the store to pick up a bday present.

Tiny has a best friend, Romy, that she has been joined to the hip with since school started this year. She has been talking nonstop about Romy having a bday party and the much-awaited invitation finally arrived yesterday. The party is going to be at a family fun center with cake to follow at their house. We chose a bracelet-making kit for Tiny to give Romy. These two are completely adorable and inseparable. I'm always finding notes in her backpack with pictures they've drawn for each other and notes about their being "best friends forever". I'm glad she's found a kindred spirit.

After the gift-buying, we headed across the shopping center to the dollar theater and watched "Enchanted". The kids have been wanting to see this for a while and they really enjoyed it, as did H. I also found it to be fun and light. There were some parts of the movie that dragged on a bit, but it was a cute movie overall. After tucking the kids into bed, I was feeling euphoric from the excellent food and good fun. So, I got changed and curled up in bed with Tiny and drifted off to sleep easily.

The only bad part of yesterday was that a couple from church asked H to come over to offer support because they had lost a family member. It was a pretty tough blow to this couple because this is the second death in their family in the last month. I'm planning on dropping off some dinner to them tonight and trying to set up for some more friends to bring over dinners. Sometimes life will throw out a sad reminder that it is too short and often very unexpected. I'm just praying for them and hoping we can help them in some way.

Family updates: My uncle has started his chemo and is doing well. He does his chemo on Mondays and Tuesdays and my mom and aunt make sure they have dinner set up for them on those days. There is nothing like family when life gets tough. I really miss being nearer to them. H would have no problem moving back to NM and I know that the kids would love being near their cousins. But my problem is with the town. The schools are not very good, the jobs are really limited and the nearest large university is an hour away. The town feels confining to me. Its only redeeming quality is the beautiful desert and my family.

So, life is carrying on. I am trying to do more around the house. I've really let my homemaking duties slip and it's reflecting quite badly on me and our home. I've never been the ideal housewife, but I used to be a lot better at taking care of things. With the new little one coming, I need to bring my A-game if I want to stay sane and capable of maintaining my job around here. That may sound "Holly Homemaker" archaic to some, but when I'm able to keep my house in order and provide my family with a comfortable home, clean clothes and good food...well, not much beats that feeling. I'm hoping to work harder at my most important role.

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Something McSomethingkins said...

I hope we're a factor in that decision of not moving as well.

And I actually was referring to the not wanting to clean my house sickness:) I think I'm finally over the hacking cold that refused to subside for over a month.