Friday, February 15, 2008

It's the Little Things

*Foreword: Hobby, no worries. This is not a post about your V-day. It is about a compilation of cruddy attitudes I have seen online from some women I know that put waaaay too much emphasis on this one day.

Valentine's Day is such an anomaly to me. I can understand it when it is viewed as a special day to maybe express your love in a way that is a little above the everyday norm. However, I am surprised, and I'm not sure why, when I read and hear about some people being outright upset and disappointed when fireworks don't explode in the sky, a dozen roses aren't filling their shelves or, even, someone isn't calling you every minute they have free to express their love. It's like we feel entitled to every bit of this and more.

Well, I know that it's different for every couple how they choose to spend the day. But, I must say that, in a lot of cases, this expectation will only lead to disappointment and hurt feelings. Such high expectations leaves no room to remember or realize that the expected giver may be having a crappy day/week/month and that they might not realize the importance you've placed on this day. It doesn't let you remember that it's not the one day of abundant gift-giving that measures your love. No, it's the everyday actions and thoughts they give to you. It's when they snow-blow your driveway in the freezing cold so you can back out your car (loved those pics Hobby). It's when they make dinner and clean the house and pick up the kids from school when you are bedridden with the flu or just a migraine. It's when they will kill a spider or throw away an effective mousetrap when there is no way on God's earth that you will touch, or even look, at it. And especially when you're being the biggest pain in the butt in the world and they will still tell you that you're really pretty, with a goofy smile on his face and a boyish look in his eye.
Yes, THAT is what it's about. And do you know why it's better than all the roses and boxed candy on February 14th? Because it happens more than once a year, and on a regular basis.
Also, another perk of not having high expectations is that when he does bring home a little bouquet of bright daisies and your favorite cookies, the surprise and appreciation is much greater.

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Hobby said...

No worries, Birdy. My momentary disappointment came from the fleeting impression that nothing at all was going to happen for the night he said he had all planned out, but as I said, he redeemed himself.

Loved your idea about a little bit of Valentine's every day... I realized afterwards how much of that he's given me, and I was grateful. The snow blowing was a good example of that, and he does things like that almost every day. I can't overlook that. :)