Saturday, February 02, 2008

One Can Hope

Did I ever tell you we own a Mercedes? Well, technically, the bank owns it, but unfortunately, this doesn't entitle them to pay for repairs and maintenance. Anyway, the only reason we could ever own a Mercedes is because it was about the same price as any other car. We also have a Nissan Pathfinder that was nicknamed "The Mountain Goat". The Pathfinder is actually ours and has been a great truck. It has done what is expected and never really complained or given us problems. Until now.

Now, the Benz has given us trouble from the start. The first problem was either the window coming off track or the AC going out, one or the other. Well, the cost to fix just these two problems? Close to $4,000. That was when I began to realize why the price was surprisingly low when we bought it. And now, something is horribly wrong that has rendered it almost undriveable. While driving, the brake light and ABS light ding at me annoyingly and it seems that the acceleration sensor is rendered useless. It will not register your speed and stops telling the engine when to shift. It's in, what they call, "limp home mode". Doesn't sound good, does it? Well, it will cost $85 to have them assess the problem and I'm afraid to ask how much repairs would be. So, I'm crossing my fingers that they will find something that is DIY-able for us.

The Pathfinder has developed a new trick of jumping out of 1st gear and back into neutral on its own. Fun. So, we have to hold it in 1st until we can shift up. I'm also hoping this is something easy to fix. Heaven knows that transmissions cost more than the vehicle to fix and replace. But I'm really thankful for my very knowledgeable dad that can usually diagnose the problem pretty accurately. I only wish he lived a lot closer.

I told H that I think I have the same kind of troubleshooting skills that my dad does and that I think I may have a hidden mechanical talent in me, just like my dad. He didn't seem to agree as readily. But I have wanted for some time now to get a hold of an engine and just take that sucker apart to learn about it and better visualize each part's function. Maybe after that, I will be more able to diagnose our car problems. And maybe after that, I could dabble in rocket science literature and be hired by NASA as a top engineer. Right.


Jennifer said...

Car problems galore! I'm so sorry gal. Erick and I are hoping our car will limp along until Feb. vacation so we can get it in to our mechanic (seeing as though we only have the one...and he needs to get to work somehow!) I hope your repairs are very, very inexpensive!

Whit said...

#@&*($&@*(#&@(#!!! Good luck hun! Sounds like a royal pain in the rear!