Monday, September 17, 2007

Power Cords and Diamonds

Still laptop-less. I believe that H damaged the power cord or it's connection by accidentally tripping on the cord. A comp-savvy friend has offered to check it out for me before I go and spend money on a new cord. Best Buy has a cord that will work...but it's $120! Other places I checked with were $100, and the computer company had it + s&h for $90. This is a lot to part with, especially when one full day of subbing energetic and loud 2nd graders only nets me about $70. But, the internet may have saved me once again. The wonders of an ebay purchase will only run me between $25-40. But, I will wait until I am sure that the cord is the problem. Let us give thanks for that one friend everyone has that could take spare parts from your toaster and repair any model of computer.

News flash: I am currently without my wedding ring. No, H didn't run off with Heidi Klum (good news for Seal...and me too). No, I took my rings in last Thursday while out window shopping. I needed them cleaned desperately (hasn't been done in about 8 years), sized down a little and soldered together (so they would stop sliding around). The jeweler told me he might have them done the next day, Monday at the latest. Well, it's Monday, so I called and another jeweler at the store let me know they wouldn't be there until after 7pm. Granted, this is still a lot faster than most jewelers that will send it away for 2 weeks, but I miss my rings terribly. In 8 years of marriage, I have not been without them this long. My finger feels naked. To compensate for the lack of bling (and to ward off any unwelcome suitors...yeah, right), I have been wearing a cheap, yet super sparkly, fun ring from Claire's. But, it just doesn't compare. I'll have to post a pic of the new-ish and improved ring when I get it back. I'm very proud of it. It's an emerald cut diamond set in a white gold band with a complimentary band. I loved it the moment I saw it. I knew it was for me. You'll see what I mean. The best part...NO ONE has a ring like mine. It's simple and beautiful.

Well, that's all for now folks. Hope you have a great day.

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