Saturday, September 01, 2007

Go From a Size 20 to a Size 2 in 2 Minutes!!!

I just wanted to share this eye-opening link that I found through the ever-so-stylish and lovely GlamNest. Towards the end of the post, she shares a link that reveals the amazing transformations that airbrushing does for the celebrity photos we see on magazines and advertisements. I am very much in favor of the recent movements to reveal these airbrushing techniques and educating people (especially young girls) on just how imperfect celebrities really are, though no less attractive. As a woman and a mother, I wish more promotions kept it "real" about the models/actors/singers' appearances, instead of bewitching young women and men with an unattainable perfection of appearance. While I can admire the skill of those doing the airbrushing, I believe that their contribution to the final image should be made more known. GlamNest provided a link to one such studio that uses these talents on celebrity images, IWANEX STUDIO. They have a portfolio of celebrity photos. You must scroll over the image to view the before and away for the after. I didn't even recognize one photo subject as Naomi Watts until I viewed the before image. This GlamBlush post has an amazing video of how an airbrush specialist was able to take a photo of a size 20 model and whittle her down to a size 2.

This makes you wonder, do they only do this on people? How about those home decorating magazines? I know they do it on the dieting product befores and afters (this was suggested to me by H and I was incensed by it, the poor trusting soul that I am). How about the babies and kids in mommy magazines? No wonder you see a whole generation of toddlers being primped and label-outfitted beyond recognition. Ok, maybe that is going a little overboard. I'm just saying, I'll never look at any magazine in the same trusting way again.

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Something McSomethingkins said...

I never trust magazines. I simply love them for their smutty drama, which I'm not sure exists in real life. Not in quite the same way anyway. It makes me happy that my feet are firmly planted in the mundane.