Thursday, September 20, 2007

Adventures in Babysitting...I Mean...Substituting

My lack of blogging is due to the fact that my laptop is still unavailable and I have been working a steady stream of substituting jobs this week. I thought I would quickly let you know this and to also share a few things that I am learning from my subbing adventures.

1. Subbing for elementary grades is a lot like actual teaching.

2. Subbing for junior high and high school is a lot like babysitting.
3. When an elementary student hears "substitute", they think "fun, new person."
4. When a jr. high or hs student hears "substitute", they think (and sometimes shout) "yay, we don't have to do any work today and get to chat at horrendous volumes."

Yeah, can you tell which one I'm leaning toward as my preferred substituting grade level??? Goodnight...I'm tired.

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