Friday, December 01, 2006

Making up for lost time

Yes, I suck at updating this thing. I have good reason though as I am at the end of the semester and homework is a pretty consistent thing now. I have one week of classes and one of finals left. I have 2 finals, one project, and 2 papers (min 5-6 pages) due in the next two weeks. How much fun does all that sound?! Anyone wanna try that "Try my Life" show with me? I think out of all that, I fear the papers the most. I consider myself a fair writer, but it's pretty hard for me to come up with an original argument for the paper considering that I don't feel strongly about much of what we've studied. It'll come out in the end midnight the night before it's due. I know it's time to finish up school when I feel too old to be pulling all-nighters to write a paper. I hope my students don't see me as a clueless teacher that piles mounds of homework on them and they come to loathe my very existence. Ok, so I know there will be a few that feel like that no matter how great I am. Oh well...can't win them all.

Am I ready for Christmas, you ask? Someone posed a variation of this question to me the other day. Something along the lines of, "Got all your Christmas shopping done already?" My answer? "Are you kidding?!" I started to wonder why I have not put much thought to the season yet and realized that until finals are a memory and reading three chapters in two days is not required, I'm pretty useless. I can barely keep up with my house, am too tired to plan out dinners, and too stressed to worry about planning ahead when I am in school. So, as soon as my last final is completed at 3pm on Friday the 15th, I will officially be in the "holiday spirit". Probably not any sooner, but after that, I'm all about the holidays. To add to the merriment, we are heading to NM this year for Christmas and New Years. I don't know if H will have recovered from the road trip to CO in time, but come heck or high water, we're going. I get to see all those wonderful babies that have been so busy coming into the world and our family for the last two months. Well, not all of them, but I'm not complaining. Beautiful, tiny angels that I can cuddle, kiss and horde all to myself. I love it. I think H believes that it's a sign that I am getting baby hungry. Nope...just enjoying the beauty of them without the fuss.

I read a fellow blogger's post today and it had a section of little known facts about her. I found it interesting and thought I would do the same. If you want to ask anything, I will answer. If you know me, you know I'm not shy about sharing.

@ age 20: I was married with two kids.

fear: losing my family, dying young (worry more for my family than myself), having regrets about my life when it's almost over

@ 28: I want to be done with school and teaching in a high school.

secret: I want to take math classes to get a teaching endorsement in it, but I'm afraid that I suck so bad at it that even if I get the endorsement, my students will know more than me. I also have a secret desire to enter interior design and decorating...maybe later.

Things I want to do before I die: Do interior design and decorating. Write a book (no matter what size it is). See my family happy and well. Do real estate. Do home staging. Meet one of my idols (Wanna know who they are? George Strait, Gordon B. Hinckley, J.K. Rowling, and a few hundred more.), travel extensively with my family, show my kids places and things most kids only read about in textbooks (paintings, natural wonders of the world, etc), learn to enjoy cooking, become organized (this will take a while), and many other things.

I am interested in knowing what some of you have planned for your life. Well, I think I have made up for my lapse in blogging with the length of this one. Will try harder to keep it up. Laters.

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