Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Green Demon

We leave for NM tomorrow and I'm pretty excited. I've been baking up a storm the last two days. Thanks to a fellow blogger, I found a great recipe for gingersnaps. After a few batches and a little tweaking, I got it just how I wanted it. I like them chewy and with a kick. My legs were actually sore from standing half the day, mixing the dough and taking them in and out of the oven. I hardly sat yesterday. Today, I baked another batch, packaged them and delivered them. I have to say that all the baking and playing Christmas music while doing it really put me in the holiday mood. Delivering the treats and other errands had me driving around for about two hours. I am also packing for the trip and am ready to pass out. While at the library, I found an old fav movie on dvd..."Big Trouble in Little China". I used to watch it with my brother over and over again when we were younger. It's very 80's, but entertaining.

This year, we also did Christmas cards with a family picture of us in front of our tree. We've never done those before and they came out pretty good. We tried to have the dog in the pic with us, but she was quite uncooperative.

We are thinking of trading in one of our cars. I don't know what we might gbet, but it would have to have enough room for the dog in the back, like a wagon, van, or small SUV. As long as it is fast, I'm pretty happy. I got spoiled when I got my first 6-cylinder. I love the get-up-and-go. I think it will be weird to drive a regular car, being close to the ground. I've driven taller cars for a while now. I saw the most awesome car today. I found out that it was a 2005 Thunderbird. It was really retro. Here's a pic similar to what it looked like:

It looked cooler in person too. So vintage. It made me want to drive one. I would call it the "Green Demon".


Anonymous said...

Green Demon, an apt name for a green car durring the holidays, don't you think?

Mama P said...

I looove those cars. I want one in Robins Egg Blue.