Tuesday, December 26, 2006

And a diamond in a pear tree...

Hello from NM! I hope everyone had a great Christmas cause we sure did. The kids received a lot of great toys and are really having a blast. They both got Heely shoes (shoes with wheels on the heels) and have been test driving them. H got a new suit (he's been outgrowing his old ones) and I (along with the other women) got a diamond necklace. I will post pics of it all soon...I forgot to bring my usb cord for the camera. I thought it was really funny that some of the kids' cousins actually got mp3 players and cell phones (keep in mind that they are all 10 and under) and our kids were ecstatic that they got their own tackleboxes and golf balls. Too funny. We also got them some house slippers and they gave us the most thanks for those. They got the major stuff from their Mamaw and Papaw. But they really had a great time.

We then went to my Grandma's house for more presents and tons of food. Tiny suprised me when we were there and she was playing with her cousins. They were playing with makeup and she indulged in that more than usual. She also received a Bratz doll and I didn't know what to think since she has never shown much interest in playing with dolls, be they baby dolls or barbies. However, there she was, playing with her, changing her clothes and brushing her hair. I was pretty surprised. The food was great. My uncle insisted on cooking prime rib in addition to the ham and turkey. There were a lot of laughs, kidding, and good food. Another perk, there were babies everywhere to cuddle. Three of the six new babies were there and they are all so tiny and cute.

Today, my parents are at work. Some of the little cousins will be coming over to play with the kids and I'll probably straighten up around the house. We will be here for New Year's too. They always have a pretty good party for that where karaoke and alcohol take part (no alcohol for me thanks...karaoke is bad enough). Will try to keep this updated while we're relaxing and partying.

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