Thursday, December 28, 2006

Back to School Dreams

We're still in NM and I have pretty limited access to the internet. We're having fun but may be heading home soon. H needs to get back to work and the kids and I need to prepare for school. My final semester grades are in and here's the A, two A-, one B, and one B+. I am pretty pleased with those grades. I worked hard for them. I deserved them.

I had another 'back to school' dream. I blogged previously about a dream that I always have before school starts, dating back to high school, where I can't find something to wear on the first day. Well, I had one last night that I also often have before school starts. In the dream, I am in any of the schools that I have attended previously. I am looking for my locker and can't find it and if I do find it, I can't remember my combination. So, I go from locker to locker looking for the one that opens with my combination. Or I have to go to the office to get my combination again. What's also weird is that the combination I always use is the same in every dream, some sequence of 25-10-35. Anyone got any interpretations of that? Let me know.


Joe said...
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Joe said...

I have a small theory about the combination number in your dream. Could it be a date? 25th of October, 2035? Are you having a preminition of something? Hmmm.
Anyway, I haven't commented on here in a long time. I read your blog all the time though. Still love reading it....oh, and congrats on the excellent grades! You're right, you deserve them!
Have a great new year! All the best to you and your family. :)

Joe said...

PS - A lock in your dreams supposedly represents "security or confinement". Just something to think about. :)