Thursday, November 09, 2006

Pinch Me!

Today was a pretty wonderful day. Why, you ask? Because I visited with my academic advisor today to make sure I was all set for my last semester before graduation. He confirmed for me that I only have 3 more classes standing between me and my Bachelors degree! Just 3 more after being in college on and off, part time and full time for 8 years! Yes, I said 8 years. I have struggled, celebrated, and wanted to quit many times. I can't believe that I am finally so close to finishing. After our meeting, I had a permanent smile tattooed on my face. I just couldn't stop, I was oozing joy. I think I got some on Liz at lunch. She was definitely smiling a lot more after that. I couldn't help calling my mom and letting her know the great news. She told me that she was so happy for me and was very proud of me. All the things a daughter wants to hear. The day I walk across that stage will definitely be one of the best days of my life. I have an inkling of just how awesome it will be. I can't imagine how it will feel when I do it again for my Masters a year later. Probably even better.

At about 3 am this morning, I also completed a final project for my language arts class that I've been putting off for a while. I have to present a "lesson" to my class that is completely original and I also had to plan out a weeklong lesson plan. I knocked that baby out. This afternoon, I attended a lecture titled "The Death of a Beautiful Woman: Memento, Deconstruction and the Idea of Form" given by author Walter Benn Michaels. As far as theory lectures go, this is the first one I have enjoyed. He had some interesting theories relating to self-deception, expectance vs. reality, and obsessive behavior. He related these ideas using the examples of the movies "Memento" and "American Psycho". I attended for class credit and also because the synopsis sounded quite similar to a project I did for a poetics class about the death of the beautiful woman in art and literature. Here is the
website. This wasn't what the whole of his lecture was about, but he did touch on it. So, a couple of hours of a little enlightenment, some time spent with future colleagues, and some credit under my belt. Not a bad afternoon.

Yesterday had its bragging rights too. I got a B on my last theory paper and an A- on my children's lit midterm. I'm amazed each time I get a good grade. It's a rush. I will also be writing yet another theory paper tonight. I believe it is on "Fight Club". Not the worse topic to have to write on. Could be worse, like more Baudrillard. Dry!

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