Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I PASSED! I PASSED! I PASSED! I took the GRE tonight and needed a 450 in the verbal and in the quantitative. I got a 570 in the verbal and a 530 in the quantitative. I have to wait on the analytical writing portion, but I felt pretty good about it when I did it. I have a big smile on my face right now. I've had so many successes lately and feel so blessed. I've been getting really good grades on my papers and tests and then the GRE. I have to take the Praxis II next on Saturday. If I pass that, I'm clear on my grad school entrance exams. I told H tonight that I feel so great, it's as if everything I've worked so hard for all these years is finally all coming together and is within my reach. I also told him that I've never felt better as a student than I do now. I never had to try very hard in high school and got pretty good grades, but I never felt completely pleased with my efforts. Now, I'm working my butt off and am doing good and I'm very pleased with myself and my efforts. It's a good feeling to know I did my best and did well.

After the test on Saturday, H and I are going to dinner with the LonDolls. Nobby is bringing her boy (when I say this, I mean boyfriend, not son) and we'll finally get to know him. Trippy already knows him since her and Nobby are roommates. I've only met him briefly, a short intro. And Mody and Hobby have yet to meet him at all. So, it should be an enjoyable evening, especially since I'll be done with the tests. Tonight, we celebrated by going to a breakfast restaurant for dinner. My french toast was yummy, but I felt like I was about to fall asleep in it and come up looking like the cartoon with eggs for eyes and bacon for lips. I'm exhausted. I've been pulling late-nighters for the last three days, subsisting on Dr. Pepper. Yes, I've graduated to the harder stuff. Coke just doesn't cut it anymore. Next cram session, I'll be up to Mt. Dew. Me on a ton of caffeine is a scary thing.

Next week, we will be heading to Colorado for Thanksgiving at my bro's house. My SIL has graciously offered to share her culinary skills with me and will be teaching me some quick and easy dinners. I also intend to curl up on their couch with my tummy stuffed full of turkey and yams, snoring my head off and dreaming of pumpkin empanadas. I love the holidays. Well, I better head to bed before my head hits the keys and I have to explain the imprinted RETURN button on my head in the morn to my prof. Good night and thank you for all the good thoughts and prayers for my test. It sure did work. Keep 'em coming for Saturday. Will write more later. Love ya!

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