Monday, November 13, 2006


I'm getting a bit nervous. The GRE is on Wednesday and I've barely studied. I finished a theory paper today during my lunch and was hoping to focus on studying. However, I realized this afternoon that I have a children's lit paper due tomorrow morning that I haven't started writing. We're supposed to read an article a woman wrote about Peter Pan and the impossibility of writing "true" children's fiction. It's a boring article that is hard to read because you can easily see through the writing just how scatter-brained the author is. I wonder if she just wrote this the night before it was due (like me), oblivious to the fact that someone was going to take it seriously and publish it. I'm sure she would have organized it better had she known. So here I am, trying to decipher this crappy article enough to write a 1-2 page response on it. You know the resource is bad when you can't even write a 1-2 page response on it, the easiest writing assignment there is for an English major. So, word of warning...write your papers with some thought and care, you never know what idiot with a sense of humor might read it and think its art.

I have a GRE study manual from the library and it seems the test is divided into two main parts: English and Math. You would think the English would be a snap for me, right? Well, there are words in there that I've never heard of and some that I have but never knew the meaning. I would say that I am comfortably knowledgeable with about 1/3 of the vocabulary. Thankfully, they have a glossary of terms to study. I cautiously glimpsed at the math and wasn't too horrified, though math still scares me. It doesn't look like anything I haven't studied before. So, I take the test Wednesday afternoon and am asking for lots of good thoughts and prayers to be sent my way. They would be greatly appreciated.

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