Thursday, November 16, 2006

Have you hugged a turkey today?

This is a turkey that Tiny brought home as a blank paper cutout. Her assignment was to decorate it with her family and take it back to school. So, I pulled out my craft supplies and we got to work. Each feather is a different fabric print, the body is a dark brown felt (lucky for us I had some), Tiny painted the head and feet, we put beads on the collar, and I wrote her name with glue and glitter. When I dumped the glitter on the glue name, she asked what I was doing and looked confused. I then shook all the excess glitter off and her name "magically" appeared. She gasped and loved it. I love my job!


Andrea said...

Oh, I love it, too!

mamap said...

That was me above. Not sure what happened.