Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Blessings and Perspectives

I just wanted to share this beautiful post by Heather, who is fighting cancer, and is an inspiration to anyone that reads her blog. I have been pondering my mortality quite often lately. No's not for any specific reasons such as illness. I think it's just from being another year older and having two small children. I sometimes worry that if I were to leave this life soon, that they will all be okay and that they know how much I love them and that I have taught them the things I want them to know. I try to not dwell on these things long, but I am very realistic with myself that nobody knows when their time will come. It could be days or decades. But Heather's posting pointed out something that touched my heart.

"The worst that can happen is the best that can happen. Christians know the truth of that statement. For surely the worst that can happen is that we die- and that’s actually the best that can happen because we know that we don’t go from life to death. As singer Kathy Troccoli says so emphatically, when we die we go from life to LIFE! We sigh out that last earthly breath and breathe in the glorious atmosphere of heaven!"
-Plant a Geranium in your Cranium, Barbara Johnson

And, like Heather, I am certainly looking forward to many more years, to seeing my children grow and continue being the wonderful spirits they are. I want to see them marry well, hold their children, and see H's eyes light up when they visit. I hope that God will grant me these blessings. I am amazed when someone with so much on her mind and heart, like Heather, can find the hope and beauty in everything. I feel very blessed to have found her blog.

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