Sunday, July 29, 2007

Like I Said...

I love my drill. I finished the cabinets yesterday. To begin, I actually had a hair appointment at noon to get my hair washed, trimmed and styled. So, instead of just letting her flat iron it, I asked her to do a cute, curly partly-up do. I'm paying the same price, might as well have a little fun. It came out really nice and H liked it too. So, after the hair, we came home and I remembered that my drill should have a full charge by then. I was filled with joy at the thought of getting to finish the cabinets. However, I heard this high-pitched, girly voice in my ear, pointing out that I would get all sweaty and just might mess up my pretty hairdo. I listened to this feminine argument for a moment, pondered it a bit, and decided that admiring the finished cabinets after all my hard work would be worth a few hairs out of place. So, I went to it and after only about 20 minutes of a little muscle and a few beads of sweat, I was done. I stood back and admired them.
And then I, once again, gave thanks for my wonderful drill.
I remember getting a few funny looks when I asked for a Leatherman pocket knife for Christmas and an electric drill later on, instead of jewelry, clothes, or even books. But I LOVE the sense of accomplishment I get when I can stand back with sweat on my brow, a few aching muscles and a job well done. With the growing number of DIY jobs I am taking on and have finished, I can feel a growing sense of pride and enjoyment in my abilities...unlike any I've known before. When I work on a project, I am utilizing all my capabilities and talents. I can visualize what I want to do, plan it out, accomplish it through physical exertion, and feel great when I can see the fruits of my labor and feel like I did my best. It's an awesome feeling. Give it a try, if you haven't before. And by the way, I didn't harm the 'do one bit.

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