Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tired and Frustrated

Man, I am so tired. I just finished subbing at a junior high for a resource class. They were a real handful. I was closely watching the clock and wishing that the time would go faster. Afterwards, I ate lunch with my sister-in-law that teaches at the same school. I told her how the classes went and she was really understanding about it. She told me that the classes I had were probably the toughest I could have. These are students that are below level in reading and struggle a lot with school. But she let me know that until I have more experience and start leading the class easier, I will probably have tough days like today. She thinks it's a good idea that I sub and get the real classroom experience before I officially decide that this is the path I will take. As tired as I am and as tough as it was today, I don't think I should make any decisions right now. This is all I can blog for now, I'm tired.

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