Friday, May 04, 2007


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I knew that graduation was going to be great, but man, it was awesome. I had a lot of fun and just couldn't stop smiling. I was able to sit next to a classmate and chat a bit. The outstanding undergrad chosen to speak gave a great speech about why we study humanities. We lined up and when they said my name, I felt so proud and happy enough to burst. I kept looking up at my family in the seats and my son was smiling at me and my daughter kept blowing me kisses. When accepting the diploma cover, I got to hug a couple of my professors. After the graduation, we headed back to the house and there were a ton of friends there already. We were chatting, laughing, hugging, and the kids were running wild. It was great. As a gift, my parents bought us a new dining set and a new patio set. I'll post pics soon. Most of the LonDolls were there and I finally got to meet Mody's boyfriend. He's from Ecuador and seems really nice. The girls got me a gift card to Barnes and Noble and I was really excited. They know the way to a Word Nerd's heart.

I was having so much fun chatting that I didn't eat until everyone had left. This was seriously one of the very best days ever. I am exhausted, but so happy. We also got good news that my bro-in-law and sis-in-law are expecting a little girl. They have three boys and a little girl, and they are all incredibly cute. Can't wait to see what this one will look like. I better get to bed since I am having a really hard time keeping my eyes open. Hope you're having a great day too.

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