Monday, July 31, 2006

2pm Friday

My family is back home and I am ecstatic. You really do never realize how much you love someone until they are not there. Thankfully, mine were only gone a short time. I got to cuddle my Bear and Mr. Man and "cuddle" with my hubby. It's really great to have them home. I found that I'm not very comfortable staying in a big house with no other person around. Hobby was good enough to put me up for a night, invite me out for fireworks, and chat with when I got lonely. She's the best.

So, what am I doing now, you ask? Stressing a bit, actually. I have to present my website today in class and I can't get the damn thing to upload properly. At least I know why it's messing up though. I didn't have the proper links set up in Dreamweaver and will have to correct that later. I don't, for the life of me, understand why English students are being burdened with the complicated task of having to create a webpage...a skill which many of us do not possess. So, for now, I will be trying to present my webpage off my USB where it is stored and is actually working properly. Hope it works on the prof's comp...she uses a mac (yuck). No offense to all you mac folks out there, but I was raised on pc. I can see a gal from my class in the comp cubicle next to me and she looks a bit panicked herself. The webpage, however, is not the end of the panic. This is the last week of classes and I have 2 papers due (one by Wed. and one by Fri.), finish the webpage posting by the end of today, and english final on Wed, and two math finals on Friday. I will not be able to breathe until Friday at about 2pm.

A bonus for getting through the week though is that we will be going camping this weekend. I can't wait. I love to camp and fish, but I will especially enjoy it because it will mean that the summer semester is officially over. What are my plans, you ask? Well, I plan to clean house like a madwoman at first because my brother and his family are coming up in the middle of next week for a few day. We will hang with them, maybe bbq, and show them some of the sights. Their kids want to swim in Salt Lake cause the salt levels are really high and it makes you float. After they head out to their new home in CO, I will then hope to spend some quality time with my kiddos and maybe head to Boise to visit my hubby's family and float the river. Oh, how I miss floating in that river. We usually only get to do it once a year. Just us, a raft, some innertubes, a cooler of drinks, and an hour of floating on cold, crisp water. THAT is what summer is all about. And about 2 and 1/2 weeks from now, I will start the fall semester. *sarcastic* Joy!

I have to say that the reading lists for the fall semester is the best that I've had in my previous 8 years of college (no, I'm not that dumb...I'm a mom). Some of the readings for my children's lit class will be Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, and fairy tales...most of which I have read to my kids many times. My theory class will be reading V for Vendetta and The Fight Club among other. I can't wait and will probably start some of the reading before school starts. Man...I can't wait for 2pm Friday.

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