Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Big Hair, Big Buckles, Big Pain in the Butt

Now I have nothing whatsoever against Texans. Actually, I love them. Everything from their Texas drawl, to the big hair, and, finally, their cowboys...the men, not the team. Gotta love the Lord for making those. So, what is about to follow should not be misconstrued as dislike for the people, just the behavior.

Since arriving in Texas for the summer, I've noticed an irritating habit of the people here. Whenever we are in a store, whether it's a grocery store, Wal-mart, or even Lowes, the customers will stop wherever they may, stand there, and JUST NOT MOVE. They could be in the middle of the aisle, seeing you coming right at them knowing that you would like to get by, and they will stay put. They might even be standing right in front of something you need and you can walk this way and that around them, scoot up into their personal bubble, and even stand right there visibly irritated at their immobility....and they will not move an inch.

Are they daring you to say something? Take action? What? Yesterday, I went to Lowes with all three kiddos in tow to get a few things. While looking at the hoses, this woman parks her cart on the left side of the aisle and stands on the right. No big deal except that there was a display in the center and SHE SAW ME COMING. What do you do? I patiently waited, made a little noise, and then just moved her cart out of the way. I think "subtle" is not a trait in Texas.

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