Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cord Troubles

Just putting in a post letting you know that my entries will be sparse for a bit. I have just killed my third power adapter for my laptop and will need to send it to Toshiba for it to be replaced. It sucks less to have it die when it's still under warranty.

Things are much the same here. I'm missing my family down in NM. I loved visiting them. We have the house up for sale and I am trying to weed through the extra crap we've accumulated during our time in this house. The realtor wants to have pictures taken soon and I'm trying to make it look like someplace a person would like to live in, rather than run for the hills screaming. You think I joke, but I'm dead serious. I have not had a handle on this house in quite some time. I hope I can weed through it til it hurts to give up anymore. That will help keep it presentable...for now. I also dread the idea of having to box all this stuff up and moving it to a new place half this size. Ugh.

H is working hard at the ski resort and losing weight. He weighed three days ago and he's down 27 lbs. I'm impressed with how disciplined he's been. The kids are enjoying their Saturday with a friend over, and avoiding any housework. Little Man is finally over most of his cold and can breathe through his nose again. He's still not back to sleeping through the night though. Not fun for me. H got a new (to us) car for $600 bucks. It just needed a few things repaired and works great for him to get back and forth to work. It's an old Crown Victoria police cruiser. Thankfully, it doesn't have any markings from when it was a cop car. It's really decent.

Well, that's all for now. Better try to clean something else before Little Man wakes up.


Heidi said...

I hope everything goes very well for you over this next while. Cleaning and packing up a house really isn't remotely fun.

Anonymous said...

Praying for you, kiddo. That's a great deal on the car; I would LOVE a second vehicle...

Let me know if you need anything, ok? I miss you!