Friday, September 12, 2008

I did something stupid.

After Little Man's doctor appointment today, I made my way to the mall. I rarely go to the mall unless I have a reason. Today, I was going to Motherhood Maternity to buy some super comfy nursing bras for my niece who lives an hour from the nearest location of this store. Anyway, while checking out, the cashier asked if I'd like to donate a dollar to the March of Dimes and receive a little ring on a bracelet that said "Be Healthy, Be Happy". So, I said, "Sure, why not?"

I was not fond of the string bracelet that was holding the ring and removed it. Since the ring looked a bit small, I first placed it on my pinky. Too big. Then I put it on my ring finger. It only went to my knuckle. After a few tries on other fingers, I decided to try the ring finger again and I was able to work it over my knuckle. I realized immediately that that was a mistake. A stupid, stupid mistake. In case you don't know, I have huge knuckles. Not elephant man huge, but huge. Every minute that the ring was on my finger, it seemed to get tighter and tighter. I tried to lick my finger and slide it off. Nope. I tried to coat it in soap and water. Uh-uh. H tried to help by pouring oil on it and pulling and twisting. No and OWWW.

After trying this a few times and winding up with a lot of pain, a purple finger and an indention, I knew it was time to find a professional. I called a nearby jeweler and explained my situation. He told me to come on over and he could try to cut it off. After a short drive with an aching, red finger, the jeweler snapped the ring in two with some cutters and I came out pretty unscathed, except a nick from the ring breaking. I thanked him profusely and he smiled that smile that you only get when you've just been freed from the consequences of doing something STUPID. I promised him I would never work a ring over my knuckle again. Not unless I want it there for eternity, and a purple finger.

In other news...
Little Man had his 2 month appointment today. He now weighs 12 lbs. 1 oz. and is 21 inches long. It's no wonder he no longer fits in his small outfits and is outgrowing his size 2 diapers. This kid is packing it on. Everything looks healthy and great. He even did a great job being calm and patient while we waited for the doctor. And all that was only rewarded with a bunch of vaccinations; one oral and three injections. I hate it when they have to do stuff like shots, PKUs, and his circumcision...oy vey, don't get me started on that. I will not be disappointed if I never see another one of those in my life. He let out some heartbreaking sobs and, later, was sore and screaming. After some tylenol and a nap, he was much better. I hate that we have to do it again in two months.

My aunt is getting married tomorrow. She has been a widow for almost 12 years. Her husband, my uncle, was a great man. So, it probably is expected that it would take that long to find someone else that would make her happy again. I hear he's a great guy and I hope they are very happy. I'm terribly sad that we can't be there for her special day. That's one of the bummers of living so far away. Her sons will be there and I haven't seen them in years. I would love to sit and chat with everyone and be there with my family.

Tomorrow is a busy day. I will be attending a baby shower for my sis-in-law's sister, H and the kids are going on a hike with his brother, and I am meeting the LonDolls for dinner. A few wonderful hours to catch up with my girls and take a little break from mommyhood. Don't get me wrong, I love it. But it's nice to have a little time to relax with friends without getting spit up on, changing diapers, or walking around in a bouncy way to soothe a fussy baby. Unfortunately, I don't think Whit will make it. But I'm still hoping for a great dinner.

Well, that's all for now. Please send good thoughts and prayers this way. Times are tough for most, and we're hanging in there too. Love ya.

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Anonymous said...

So sad I missed out. Pity on living an hour and a half away and having two gas-guzzling SUV's. :( Can't wait to talk to you tomorrow!