Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How skinny is too skinny?

I read this article today about the actress Megan Fox. You might know her as Mikaela in "Transformers". The director, Michael Bay, of both "Transformers" and the sequel in pre-production right now has asked the actress to gain 10 lbs. before beginning filming the new movie. Apparently, she had lost some weight for a recent film and was asked to regain it because Bay "doesn't like skinny girls". Now, upon first reading this, I had no objections. I applaud the use of "healthy" actresses. However, I was a little confused when observing some pics of the actress. Let me show you...

The first pic is from the first "Transformers".

The next one was posted by just yesterday.

Can someone point out the difference? Because I'm having trouble seeing it.

By the way, I know that the movie is in pre-production because they are filming it near my hometown, the same place they filmed the first film's opening scene in the "middle east". Yeah, that was filmed in NM, not Qatar. I loved seeing those familiar dunes and mountains when I was in the packed theater at the premiere. It made me a little homesick...and proud.


Nicole said...

ha. that's funny that we think it's the middle east but you're like wait no! i know those sand dunes! :)

i don't see a difference either. kind of weird. maybe this guy just likes to have control.. and couldn't find anything else to complain about.

ps: i like reading your blog! hope you're doing okay, only a couple weeks left right?

Nicole said...

Really? Jacob? I just can't get into him.. I am a definite Edward fan ;)