Wednesday, July 16, 2008

He's Awaiting the Final Curtain

I am so tired. This kiddo is sitting as low as he can get without starting to come out. Even the midwife was surprised by how low he was today. But, alas, no further progress. I am still dilated to a 2 and am 60% effaced, same as three weeks ago. You would think that with all my cramping, contractions, and uncomfortableness, that something would be happening. Nope, looks like this kiddo has decided to stick around to the very end. I have about 15 days left until my due date.

But I'm not just sitting around counting the days. I am still working on the house. Currently, I am doing Mister's room, aka the black hole. That kid has waaaay too many toys. So, we are drastically downsizing the loot and organizing the rest in bins. I bought three bins; one for stuffed animals, one for legos, and once for the rest of the toys. The catch is that he has to choose among his belongings wisely because if they don't fit in the bins, he can't keep them. I will be doing the same with Tiny's room. I'm also hoping to downsize mine and H's clothes and belongings. Less stuff, less mess, more time.

I am also becoming acutely aware of just how bare my walls look. I may need to start planning some future painting know, post-baby arrival.

And now for some pics from the camping trip. Enjoy.

I may post more pics later. The internet is dreadfully slow today.


Alisha Holloway said...

That's pretty crazy but it sounds like fun! I know its been forever since we even went to London, but i am slowly trying to catch up with everyone to see how life has been since i've talked to any of you! What's new?

Something McSomethingkins said...

Man, I used to hate it when my mom made us get rid of toys! :)

amisare waswerebeen said...

Well, which did you hate more? Having to get rid of toys or having to sit in a foot deep pile of them and being expected to clean them up by yourself? I know I hated it when we had to clean our room and you couldn't even see the floor.