Monday, June 23, 2008

A Pretty Nice Weekend

Nothing much new here. I had the privilege of having tea with the LonDolls on Saturday. Unfortunately, Bree is not here this summer...but it was still lovely. I decided to take Tiny with us since she is an honorary LonDoll. She was also looking a little bored, lying in front of the tv on a hot summer day. She really perked up when I invited her. When we got to the bakery, she just lit up, looking around the room at all the teapots and decorations. I loved her reaction. While the tea was great and the company was, of course, excellent, it became very warm in the bakery and pretty uncomfortable. It is proving to be a sweltering summer, not improved by being pregnant.

Saturday night, our church ward had a potluck. I am now in charge of arranging such activities and had a lot of help from others setting up. It turned out pretty well, and the food was great. Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed by all my church callings. But, of course, it always works out.

Sunday, we visited my brother-in-law's family because my nephew was ordained a deacon at church. Afterward, we had a great dinner and cake and then hung out, napped, and played around. It was a pretty pleasant day, except for my not feeling very good.

I always wondered how women were confused about whether or not they were in labor. Both of my labors were pretty clear cut and unmistakeable. But yesterday, I woke up feeling odd. I had a dull ache in my back and across my stomach, like when I have PMS. This lasted through the day, only slightly increasing. I was having fake contractions, nothing new. It was a bit frustrating because I was pretty uncomfortable at times and thought that if I was going to be that uncomfortable, that it should at least progress, or diminish. Anyway, I didn't feel better until really late last night. So, now I can understand a little better why some women get confused.

The house is coming along slowly. I started working on Mister's room today and only got about halfway done. He still has a lot of stuff under his bed and in his closet to sort through. That kid has a large garbage collection littering his floor. Tiny's room will be next, followed by my own, then I will work a bit more on the rest of the house. I'm not going for a spotless house, just more organized and easier to maintain, with less stuff cluttering it up. I'm hoping this isn't a neverending battle.

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