Friday, June 06, 2008

Just because my kids are getting older doesn't mean I have to.

I am (im)patiently waiting for Tiny and Mister to fall asleep so that I can bring in her bday presents to wrap them. Her bday isn't until the 11th, but H will be out of town then and we wanted to celebrate while he is here. My Tiny is going to be 8! It's so hard to believe sometimes. With my pregnancy, I am thinking more and more about when the kids were little. Mister is going to be 12 at the end of the year. Now that's crazy.

For her birthday, Tiny chose to have a couple of friends come with her and Mister to a family fun center and then come back to the house for gifts, lunch and cake. So, that will take place tomorrow. Kind of last minute, but I think she will have fun. So, while I am about to bake the cake and wrap the gifts, guess where H is? That's right. The same place he is when I'm wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve at midnight...asleep on the couch. It's becoming a tradition, I think. I hope I don't pay for this late night too much tomorrow.

So, besides getting the house in order, I'm doing Tiny's bday and preparing for H to be away for a week. He asked if I'd be okay for a week on our own. I reminded him that I've done it before. I usually just indulge myself and the kids a little more to make up for missing him so much. We watch movies, eat out a bit and keep busy. But it still passes pretty slowly.

I am missing my LonDolls. Whit is newly married and busy with that and school and work. Liz is working two jobs and is dating someone steadily. Melissa is working...and, I think, going to school. And Bree is in Florida, soaking up the sun and her husband. Liz, Melissa and I are hoping to visit Whit soon. It may be tricky since we're all pretty busy and I'm getting more preggo every day.

I can't complain. Life is good, everyone is healthy, and we are pretty blessed. Hope it's the same for all of you.

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Anonymous said...

8 years old! EIGHT!
I've been checking daily looking for updates. :) Glad to see one!
I hope ya'll have a great birthday party, and that the time goes by quickly while Henry is away. And do indulge!
Maybe you could all do a Florida to Maine thing. Now THAT's what I call a girls trip!!
Love you :-)