Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Deep Arm Chair Dreams

You know, I remember when you could check out 20 books from the library, keep them for two months past their due date, and still end up only owing 25 cents. (I just realized that there is no symbol on the keyboard for cents. Wow.) Ok, maybe I exaggerate just a bit. But I do remember that if you lost a book, they didn't aggressively pursue you and your next of kin to collect the fees and cost of said book. They definitely didn't report you to a COLLECTION AGENCY and threaten your credit. It seems that librarians have gone from this:

to this:

Ok, I know it's not the librarians. It's the city/county that wants their money. I think my highest library fine to date was around $80, and that was after they cut me a discount. That was when our family banned checking out movies and music from the library. Books only. Over due DVDs were costing us a dollar a day and CDs were 50 cents a day. And that can really add up fast.

Seriously though, I LOVE libraries! Like bookstores, I could spend an entire day just casually perusing the shelves, reading leisurely, and reluctantly tearing myself away at closing time. However, bookstores have one slight advantage over the library...deep cushion arm chairs. Sure, the library is free and your not pushing your credit card limit when you take home 20 books (unless you return them late), but nothing beats a comfy chair when reading. I know, some libraries have this luxury, but not many. I believe my ideal home library would have a wall, or two, covered in books, large and small, paper and hardback, from floor to ceiling. It would have two deep armchairs and at least one down-filled couch with supple pillows and throws. And all of this would, of course, be surrounded around a large, roaring fireplace and there would be just enough sunlight streaming through the heavy drapes to illuminate the pages of my book and warm the room when I doze off. Oh, to dream.


Mody said...

hahaha I love the pics of the librarians! They can get pretty fiesty.
+ 1 point for using "supple" in your blog. :D

amisare waswerebeen said...

Oh my gosh. I didn't realize that I used it. Awesome.

Something McSomethingkins said...

I so want to die and go to your library.