Friday, August 21, 2009

Life...I'm loving it.

Not much to report. The kids are back in school and seem to like the new schools okay. Mister was able to get into Orchestra and will be playing the cello for the third year in a row. He enjoys it. Tiny is in a class with two of her cousins and seems to like that. She also has another cousin in the school that is a teacher. Little Man is making up for the two others being at school by getting into EVERYTHING, all day. He's doing well too. Learning new words and the fine art of temper tantrums. He's got it down; the pouty lip, the tears, and throwing himself on the floor. Ah yes, he is my child.

As for the AF application process, I am awaiting some medical records to be delivered to my recruiter before I can set up my physical. Will let you know when I set that up and how it will go. The physical may be the biggest obstacle I face. Not that I'm not healthy. But I had an illness when I was 2 that put me in the hospital for a bit and caused some things that may scare off the review board. Hopefully, they will focus on the tests and exams that I have had recently that show no current problems from that long ago illness and that I am in great health. Pray for me, cross your fingers, and send me good vibes. I know it definitely worked when you did it for me before my test. Love to all.

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Nicole said...

That's fun that she gets to be in a class with her cousins! I think? I avoided cousins in High School, but I'm sure Elementary is different.

and Cello?! That's awesome!

Consider the good vibes sent :D