Monday, August 10, 2009


I will be heading down to El Paso, TX tomorrow to take the AFOQT. I have been studying for over a month now and feel about as ready as I can be. My math skills are good, just slow. The test gives you just over a minute for each math question and I'm taking much longer for some of them. But I have practiced as many as I can and will just hope for the best. My vocabulary has expanded exponentially in the last few weeks and I am more confident about taking that section of the test. There are other sections of the test that I will be taking, but will not have much impact on my application since I am not trying to become a pilot, navigator, or mechanic. But, just for the record, I was pretty proud that I scored well on the mechanic's practice test. I guess being a mechanic's daughter, and driving my share of clunkers, has paid off. So wish me luck as I jump off this cliff as prepared as I can be. Love ya!


Prina Family said...

good luck! youll be in our prayers!

Alisha H. said...

Good luck!!! You will do amazing I know it! I can't think of anyone more prepared for this than you!

Nicole said...

Good Luck Roberta!
>>>>>>>> sending the best test vibes down to El Paso! :)