Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Measuring my excitement and gratitude...

I meant to post about this exciting news last night, but, alas, I once again fell asleep while trying to put Little Man to bed. Anyways, I WON SOMETHING!!!

DIYdiva had a contest for her readers and I won! The prize, you ask?

This awesome diy 100% stainless steel tape measure, with two-sided grip and numbers on BOTH sides. I got so excited when I saw this on her blog that I posted a comment immediately and won! I can't wait for it to arrive. I am mentally measuring things all around the house already.
And to prove that I was meant for this measuring tape...a DIY job popped up this morning. Could be good news...or bad, depending how you look at it. The upstairs shower seems to be producing a small leak that is dripping into the downstairs kitchen when someone takes a shower. Now, my first thought was...."No, we really can't fix this right now!" However, when mentioning it to H, he seemed excited for an excuse to replace the prefab shower stall with a new tub/shower. I must admit that I would love to see an old fashioned tub in there, with the claw feet. Maybe it'll come true. In the meantime, I'll wait for my new tape measure and then measure every inch of the bathroom for the new tub.

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