Friday, October 26, 2007

Costumes and Books....a sequel

I don't think I finished posting about last weekend because I was just too tired to even think about it. Anyway, Saturday, I had procrastinated making the kids' costumes up til then and they had a Halloween/birthday party that night. Mister decided to be a Lego man and Tiny wanted to be Hermione (from Harry Potter). So, for Mister, I got a large foam sheet from Home Depot, cut circles out of it, hot glued the circles in a stack, cut a circle in it for him to wear it as a hat, and painted a Lego man face on the front and the Lego logo on the top, smaller circle. I used this website as a guideline for all that. Other than that, he just wore black sweats, but I'm going to get him some yellow cleaning gloves as well. For Tiny, I cut up my graduation gown to make a witch's robe, I painted Gryffindor colors on a sweater and tie, frizzed up her hair, and made her a wand from paper, hot glue and paint. For that, I got the idea from here. I worked all morning and after noon on the costumes, made a mess of foam in my living room (carve the foam OUTDOORS!), and lost a towel to paint. But, all in all, it was worth it. The kids loved their costumes, they looked great and they were ready for the party in time.

While the kids were at the party, H and I attended a dessert and game night at church. I scored a small loot of candy and a too-full belly of desserts. I was feeling ready to go home and pass out after my wild and hectic weekend, but was reminded by a friend that I was teaching a class in church the next day. I had forgotten this and, while thankful for the reminder, was instantly deflated and felt ten times more tired than before hearing that. So, after getting home, I had to prepare the program flyer for church (another task that slipped my mind) and read the lesson with my eyes half open. Thankfully, I had time in the morning to prepare and it went well. But boy, it was a looooong weekend.

This week didn't slow me down much either. I worked two mornings this week at the kids' school book fair (a task I didn't mind at all), subbed one day, took the kids to theater class, had some visitors from church over, went out to visit some ladies from church, had parent/teacher conferences, and three days this week were half days for the kids at school. Yeah, I'm tired again. The only day off I had to really relax was Tuesday and I took full advantage of it. How???

With this...
I ordered this last week after seeing it on another blog and got it in the mail Tuesday afternoon. I swore I wouldn't delve into it until I finished this... But I peeked at the first couple of pages of it, and was completely sucked in. I still can't bring myself to stop reading it. I am not done yet, but would already suggest it to all you Jane Austen fans. Now, if the books ends up sucking at the end, I'll feel bad for suggesting it. But I'm going to be optimistically forecasting that it won't suck.

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