Friday, June 16, 2006

Through the Eyes of a Child

It's amazing what results when a child picks up a camera and shoots the world from their angle. The following are a few pics taken by my kiddos. Some of the pics remind me of the "Identify the object in this picture" kind of quizzes.

The scattered remains of an unfortunate bug/dog/bionicle war? Nah...just the remains of a fun time on the couch.

Pictures just don't get anymore flattering than this. Poor Cocoa was unaware of the looming paparazzi.

A lonely bunny sits on the pavement awaiting the firing squad. Who knew stealing carrots could lead to this?

The sun blared down, burning the eyes of anyone who dared look upon it.

The detective's questioning was intense, but Bunny stood by his alibi.

A different view of a windchime can bring out the unexpected beauty.

Who knew that a jack, a towel, and a washer make up an artistic view? My daughter, apparently.

Can you guess what this is?

How about this?

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