Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My favorite part

This has become my favorite part of the day. I'm back home after my early class and I am the only one awake. I love it. It's quiet and it feels like I live alone for once in this big, nice house. I can choose to not think, enjoy the silence and wish it would last a little longer. I enjoy the stillness until I hear footsteps descending the stairs (which I just did) and my day has begun.

I am hanging in there with my calc class but it's definitely getting more difficult and I need to switch to a higher gear. Trig has been easy thus far...knock on wood. The day is overcast, my favorite, and cool, not liked as much as the first. I looked up my book list for an English class I signed up for and was thrilled by it. It included books such as Peter Pan, Peter Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland, etc. I was so excited that I looked up the books online (did I ever mention my disdain for the college bookstore prices) and bought them immediately. The next day, however, I suffered a letdown when I realized that the books are not for the class I will be taking this month, but are for the class in the fall. Bummer! But I still intend to get a head start on that reading before the fall.

A little side rant about the college bookstore: In the past, I've had a "live and let live" philosophy when it comes to the outrageous prices that students have to pay for a textbook. As a personal choice, I try to purchase my books online from other sources in order to save my money and it has worked well. However, the greedy conglomerate that is the bookstore has recently stepped over the line of ethics, in my eyes anyway. When looking up my required texts, I realized that the bookstore website has taken it upon themselves to make it harder for us students to find the exact book we need. They have altered the ISBN # under the book's description by replacing it with the EAN #. If you enter this # in a book search engine, it does not recognize it. So, I was reduced to the task of having to look at the pictures of the book and trying to surmise if it was in fact the one I needed and then I would have to risk that chance that it wasn't when I ordered it. It amazed me to no end that they could get away with this. Thankfully, Hobby came to my rescue and told me to type the EAN # into google search and I will find the book and ISBN #. She's a lifesaver. I love her.....I HATE the bookstore!

Wow...that was a big sidenote. Sorry, had to get that off my chest. Good brother and his family will be paying us a visit for a couple days in August on the way to their new AF address. I'm really excited cause I haven't seen them in more than 3 years...they've been stationed in Alaska. I'm glad we have the room for them in our new house and look forward to it.

Fun for the day...I will be having a British tea with the LonDolls today and can't wait. We haven't all been able to hang out since...hmmm, I can't remember. Maybe the holidays. Well, my day is beckoning in a loud fashion and I can deny it no longer.

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