Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Things I Hate

Following the example set forth by the lovely something mcsomethingkins, I will try to make a list of things that tick me off to no end, bother me, drive me bananas, etc. Here follows:

Junk mail-what a waste of paper and ink and money on paper and ink...wasteful.

Litterbugs-I can't stand it! How hard is it really to hold something until you find a trashcan. It shows a total disrespect for your city, your earth, and your neighbors.

Finding a parking spot-This mainly pertains to the university parking lots. I finally broke down and bought a parking permit. Fat lot of good it did me, I may as well have bought stock in Enron for all the use I'm getting out of it. It's ridiculous. Even if you get there early you have to wait for a spot to open up, which only happens between classes. Then there is the lovely breed of commuters that will park in the lane and wait for someone to come along and back out. So, you not only have to weave around them but I have the common courtesy to not steal a spot that's being waited on.

Product packaging-Mainly the hard plastic that is sealed all around and requires a heavy duty razor blade.

Writing assignments-I think that required writing stifles creativity and true talent. (wish my profs would buy into that)

People that drive the speed limit when they could easily go 5 over-Nuff said!

More drivers-Those people who pull up beside your car to turn the opposite way you are turning and block your view of the traffic, causing you to have to wait until they get out of the way to see again. Especially the SUVs.

Spiders-Eewww, nuff said.

Thongs-I'll leave it at that.

Dirty dishes, toilets, and running out of toilet paper.

Movies with sad endings-a total waste of time


Overhead lighting-the enemy to all women

Preteens wearing almost nothing in public-grrr.

That whole Brangelina thing.

Women you have ten kids and not one stretch mark!

Well, I will add to this list for sure soon. Hope you enjoyed it.


Something McSomethingkins said...

I agree with the speed limit and SUV things. Don't forget that junk mail also wastes ink:) Brangela--*hee hee hee*

Mama P said...

You forgot to add "babysitters that flake." Okay , done commenting on your site today.