Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Yeah, that workout program on the infomercial that looks like only an insane person would try? Yeah, H and I are in day 2 of it. And. I. Am. So. Tired. Yesterday, we worked our chest and back and our abs. Today, we did plyometrics (cardio with a LOT of squats and jumping). H and I are doing it together and are pretty sore. But I am amazed that, even as hard as it is, I am able to make it through the whole routine. I am not able to do all of the exercises, or for the whole length that they do it, but I get close and I do my best.

You know the day after, when you're sore from top to bottom? And every time you move, you feel a whole new muscle that you didn't even know you had? And you wince when you move it? I LOVE that feeling. It lets me know that, not only did I work it, I did it right. I think of the pain as the muscle getting whipped into shape. I crave it. But it's also a relief to start the next workout and feel some of that soreness melt away.

So, we have taken our "before" pictures and will take more after 30 day, then 60, then 90. If I do it right, I should be sporting some nice abs by the 90th day. That would be nice since I haven't seen an ab since I was a teenager...maybe not even then. But they sure were a lot closer to the surface back then. I won't dare post my "before" picture for the world to see until I have an awesome "after" picture to put right beside it. So, I will keep you updated on my progress, but the visual will have to wait a while.

And if you are interested in this kick-butt program, check out our friend, and P90X coach, Michelle's facebook page. You can also see her in the new infomercial on Beachbody's youtube videos. She's featured in the video at about 1:50 into it. And don't pass out when you hear her say that she has given birth to 7 kids. It's true. She's an awesome woman.

Watch, learn, enjoy.

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Prina Family said...

Yes! Way to go H & R! I cant wait to see after pics. I did this work out after i had Kyler and it helped me get back in shape. Ive used a lot of the dvds after this pregnancy too to help me lose (some) of the weight. Ive never been able to do the full 90 days though:(. I still do yoga x and ab ripper x sometimes. I LOVE that sore feeling too! "I hate it... but i love it!" haha